Recycling Your Battery

When a primary battery in your vehicle reaches its end of life, it can be delivered to the facilities listed below for disposal.

• Garages
• Civic Amenity and Recycling Centres
• Local authority battery collection schemes (please check with your local council)
• Licensed Scrap yards
• Authorised Treatment Facilities (car dismantlers etc).

To find out the easiest way to dispose of your battery please search Recycling near you directory (

Beginning from 1st January 2010, the main batteries used in conventional vehicles can continue to be taken back to the above locations or if this fails please contact Cartakeback on 0845 257 32 33. or visit website

Aston Martin’s Battery producer registration number is BPRN00982.

The disposal of waste industrial and automotive batteries by landfill or by incineration is banned from 1 January 2010.