DB5 Upgrades

Owning an Aston Martin Heritage model is a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation. We want you to enjoy every second with your heritage model and since time has moved on, we offer a wide range of upgrades available to purchase.

For further information or to order any of the listed upgrades, please contact your Heritage Specialist directly.

15" Steering Wheel

For many the standard 16” steering wheel is too large for comfort. We are able to supply a 15” version to special order, which offers a more positive steering response and improved clearance between wheel and seat.

In all other respects this wheel is identical to the 16” and made by our original supplier.

Part No: 25-27886

Cylinder Head Gasket

Our new improved 6 cylinder Head Gasket is made from a modern composite material with metal rings around each cylinder.

A beading of sealant is applied to the gasket face to improve performance and to eliminate leakages in the known weak spots of the original design (in particular around the timing case area).

Part No: 069-006-0113

Cylinder Head Stud

We are pleased to announce a new improved specification for the cylinder head stud used on DB5 and DB6 cylinder models. This part now has a vastly improved specification, made from a much higher grade of steel and coated in a black zinc finish to prevent corrosion.

The stud is now approximately 3mm longer than before to accommodate the preferred thicker washer used on later DBS cars (washer part number 069-006-0108) which is stronger than the original type.

Part No: 123198

Electric Window Lift Kit

Although regarded as a standard feature for most modern cars they were very much a luxury on cars made in Europe in the 1960’s.

Benefitting from massive improvements made in automotive electronics we now offer replacement electric window motors for the DB5 and DB6. This replaces the original unit that became unavailable many years ago. The motor is much quieter and more powerful than the original, and uses the original regulator mechanism. Supplied with fitting instructions.

Part No: 65-27760 (Right-Hand)
Part No: 65-27761 (Left-Hand)