Why the Vantage GT4?

The Aston Martin Vantage GT4 is the most popular GT4 car in the world. More than100 cars have been made and are competing in race series across the globe.

Like the Vantage GT3 and Vantage GTE, the car's foundation is the acclaimed Vantage road car and it carries over the same chassis, V8 powertrain and drive train, including for 2016 a new seven-speed semi-automatic gearbox offering faster shift speeds. The springs and dampers are upgraded to racing specification with stiffened front and rear anti-roll bars and the option for rose-jointed wishbones.

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Vantage GT4 Aerodynamics

This latest spec of car has a new aerodynamic package. An adjustable carbon fibre rear wing works in conjunction with a larger front splitter to increase downforce for greater dynamic performance. The 2016 car also has the bonnet from the V12 Vantage road car, which has larger bonnet vents for additional cooling and better aerodynamics.

With nearly 300 kg shaved off the weight of the car and with more than 400 bhp available the Vantage GT4 is the perfect entry to GT racing.

"We have taken the opportunity to make some quite dramatic aerodynamic enhancements to the Vantage GT4, which will close the performance gap between this entry level GT car and the GT3."

John Gaw, AMR Managing Director

Technical Specification

Engine & Transmission

• Aston Martin Racing 4.7 litre V8 engine
• Weight-reduced rear silencer • Straight through tailpipes (optional)
• FIA-approved bag type 115 litre centrally mounted fuel tank with twin fill Sportshift (ASM) transmission
• Seven-speed manual transmission (optional)
• Twin-plate cera-metallic clutch with Lightweight flywheel
• Hot climate cooling (optional)
• Endurance drive shafts (optional)
• Fuel sample kits (optional)


• Recaro Pole Position competition seat
• Recaro Pro Racer Hans competition seat (optional)
• Sabelt six-point safety harness
• Passenger seat
• FIA compliant Lifeline plumbed-in extinguisher system
• Lightweight door casings
• Weight-reduced facia, trimmed in Alcantara
• Quick-release steering wheel - Lifeline type
• Quick-release steering wheel - Rapfix type (optional)
• Ballast plate (optional)
• Air conditioning system (optional)

Data System

• Cosworth PI Omega D4 plus logger and dash (optional)
• Cosworth PI Omega analogue sensor (optional)
• Cosworth PI Omega loom and pressure sensor (optional)
• PI Beacon transmitter 10 channel (optional)


• Lightweight aluminium chassis
•FIA approved full rollcage in 15CDV6 high-strength steel
• Integral air jacks (optional)
• Polycarbonate side and rear windows
• Side sills with exposed carbon fibre rib
• Quick-release bonnet and tailgate
• Carbon fibre side strakes
• Reduced weight wiring harness
• Lightweight battery


• Four-piston monoblock calipers fitted with high-performance Pagid RS 29 race pads
• Uprated two-piece front brake discs
• Twin front brake cooling ducts
• Endurance brakes (optional)
• Bosch race-developed ABS and traction control system (optional)
• Standard pedal box (optional)
• Endurance pedal box (optional)

Aerodynamics (optional)

• Adjustable carbon-fibre rear wing
• Increased protrusion front splitter
• Carbon-fibre front dive planes


• Double wishbone suspension adjustable for toe, caster and camber - front suspension modified for extra camber and castor
• 2-way adjustable Koni dampers
• Stiffened front and rear anti-roll bars
• Spherical bearing suspension upgrade package (optional)


• Magnesium 5-stud wheels
&bull: Dome type wheel studs (optional)
• Front - 10” x 18”
• Rear - 11” x 18”


• Aston Martin Solid White
• Aston Martin Racing Green (optional)
• Aston Martin Titanium Silver (optional)
• Match to sample (optional)

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