Post Vintage

Post Vintage Engineers, Aston Martin specialists, were formed in 1979. With over 30 years experience, we cover all aspects of the marque from 1950’s to present day models.



Partner Information

Products & Services:

- Routine servicing for DB2 to DB6 MKII models
- Vehicle maintenance
- All aspects of Aston Martin engine work, including engine performance, enhancements and upgrades
- Suspension and braking enhancements
- Precise body work
- Exquisite trim work
- Unleaded conversions
- Wheel balancing
- Race preparation


- Genuine Aston Martin parts
- Seat belt fitting
- Improvements to steering system
- Left hand drive conversion
- Car storage facilities
- Independent inspections
- Valuations for insurance purposes
- Acquisitions


Pool in Wharfedale, Nr Leeds, West Yorkshire