The Aston Martin Vantage GTE is derived from the new Vantage road car, the second sports car to emerge from the company’s ‘Second Century Plan’. Developed in tandem with the road car, the Vantage GTE competes in the 2018/19 FIA World Endurance Championship Super Season.

Based on the same lightweight aluminium chassis as the road-going Vantage, the car features an AMG-derived 4-0-litre turbocharged V8 engine, developed and optimised by Aston Martin Racing to be competitive in world class GT competition. The Vantage GTE uses a six-speed sequential Xtrac transmission, Ohlins 5-way adjustable dampers, Alcon brakes and runs on Michelin tyres.

Weight and Aerodynamics

The minimum weight GTE cars allowed to run in the FIA WEC is 1245kg, some 300kg lighter than the road car. The race car saves weight by being stripped of all non-essential interior items, replaced by a steel roll cage, Schroth safety belts, 8862 racing seat and impact foam in the driver’s door. Even the steering wheel is replaced by a quick release version feeding electro-hydraulic power assisted steering.

The overall shape and silhouette of the car must remain the same as the road car. But particular attention was paid to the aerodynamics of the new Vantage GTE to apply the lessons learned from its predecessor — the V8 Vantage GTE. The new car generates a more powerful handling capability to assist the drivers while retaining its maximum velocity in a straight line.


The GTE regulations in WEC are designed to promote close competition between teams, but manufacturers are allowed to make significant developments to improve the aerodynamics. This is why the Vantage GTE features a large rear wing that protrudes 100mm beyond the rear of the car, along with the eye-catching rear diffuser. The front splitter is also highly optimised to maximise the Vantage GTE’s airflow efficiency.

Because of the way the FIA WEC’s regulations are structured, the new Vantage GTE will only compete in the GTE Pro category in 2018.

Technical Specification


• Bespoke BorgWarner turbos with integrated electric wastegates
• Akrapovič inconel exhaust system
• Dry sump lubrication system
• Engine repositioned to optimise mass
• Distribution
• Power >400 kW*
• Torque >700 Nm*
• Variable by boost

Driveline / Transmission

• Rear wheel drive with traction control
• Xtrac six speed sequential transmission
• Alcon motorsport multi-plate clutch
• Mechanical limited-slip differential wit externally adjustable preload
• Semi-automatic paddle shift gear change
• Direct acting electric gear shift actuator
• Carbon fibre propshaft


• Lightweight aluminium chassis based on the latest Vantage production car
• Steel roll cage to FIA safety standards
• High speed pneumatic jack system


• Optimised geometry double wishbone suspension front and rear
• Öhlins 5-way adjustable dampers
• Adjustable anti-roll bars


• Electro-hydraulic power assisted steering
• Quick release carbon fibre steering wheel

Fuel System

• 100 litre fuel cell to FIA safety standards
• Single point fuel coupling


• Alcon monobloc six pot front calipers
• Alcon ventilated wide annulus front brake discs
• Alcon monobloc 4 pot rear calipers
• Alcon ventilated rear brake discs
• Integrated caliper temperature and pad wear sensors front and rear
• Floor mounted driver adjustable pedal box
• Driver adjustable front/rear brake bias


• Optimised for driver access and visibility • RaceTech FIA 8862 safety seat
• Schroth Six-point safety harness
• Lifeline FIA 8865 fire extinguisher system
• Cosworth driver display and shift lights
• Rear view camera with Bosch collision avoidance radar system
• Air conditioning
• Electrically operated driver drinks system

Aerodynamics / Bodywork

• Removable carbon-fibre body panels to FIA LMGTE regulations
• Carbon fibre roof with regulation safety access hatch
• Full length flat floor
• Carbon fibre splitter and diffuser
• Adjustable carbon fibre rear wing


• TWS forged magnesium 12.5” x 18” front
• TWS forged magnesium 13.0” x 18” rear
• Captive wheel nut design


• Michelin 30/68 – 18 front
• Michelin 31/71 – 18 rear


• Dry weight 1245kg (regulated base weight)

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